Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A long journey

It doesn't matter how long ago, I left.  It doesn't matter how long I was there. My hope is that this becomes a place that I, and others like me can speak out against Xenos Christian Fellowship and the pain that the church causes its members. 
My hope that others can share their stories.  My true hope that there are either major changes in Xenos or that it dies as a church.  Either way, my hope is that no one else is ever hurt by them again.

Maybe you'd like my story.  It begins like so many others who were hurt.  I came to Christ and started attending a college home group. It was wonderful at first.  Then I did my first thing wrong.  I got to be captive while two leaders told me what I'd done wrong.  A 20 minute drive of how wrong I was.  I was still learning this new life.  Similar scenarios unfolded over the next years.  These people still truly believe that they did nothing wrong.  I think they feel it's their role to show people their depravity.  Whenever I was hurt or wronged and i said so, I was once again subjected to a lecture on how wrong I was.  I was in the church a decade before a single person apologized to me.  I wish I could know that person now. 

Dating in the college group is sheer torture.  People actually showed up on dates.  I was grilled in the ministry house after every date.  They were sure we were sleeping together.  No, that wasn't us. That was our respective ministry house leaders who were also dating.

I issued to ultimatum to Spouse to leave when I just got fed up.  We've been looking at new churches.  Everyone we've been to has families that have left for reasons very similar to ours.

If this comes to the attention of anyone in Xenos, I have no doubt they'll say that I'm bitter.  I am.  I'm kind of hoping that Dennis shows up.  He's always a little funny with his posts about how Xenos is a great church and that people who have a problem with it are in fact the ones with the problems.

Good bye for now.